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This blog is dedicated to songs that would otherwise likely not enjoy a translation. It will, normally, not cover songs of ongoing TV shows unless the song is in some way extraordinary and desperately needs it. I’ll also not put up my mimikopis unless there are reasons.

If you have a song that you believe should really be translated, feel free to suggest it.

Contact me either here or message fnord / fnord_disc on

And of course I claim no rights to any of these wonderful lyrics, etc etc.

  1. Maria Fucki… thanks for the translations~

  2. Anonymous permalink

    You should totally do Yanagi Nagi’s concent, the b-side for Natsumachi’s ED.

  3. Eris permalink

    Nice blog title.

  4. Can I request yu-yu’s Hikari no ARIA please? (I may requesting for more later, but it’s okay if you don’t want to have more requests from me)

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