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November 30, 2014

I’m not dead!

I’ll make changes to this TL over the next days to improve the phrasing, but I needed this to motivate myself.

三澤秋 – ythm

乾いた夜が醒めない 矛盾の夢
浴びる光 影引き裂いて
とめどない傷口 痛み抱えても

I turn my back on rising corpses
I feel like I am in a mad summer dream
Light tears shadow apart around me
My wounds only grow, I bear the pain,
and night falls again

闇に散らされて ゆらり炎は消える
白と黒の影 互いに牙を剥いて

Slowly the fires in the dark go out
My fingertips vanish into nothingness
White and black shadows claw at each other
and light is the ultimate illusion

この眼ぬらした 空の泪紅く

Red are the tears of heaven that wet my eyes
and stained the moon

眠らぬ狩りは 終わりのない黄昏
一雫 波紋は憎しみの形

The full moon breaks through the clouded skies
This is the eternal twilight of the endless hunt
A drop of blood falls from my homeless heart,
and casts ripples of hatred on the water
We are all connected

孤独身にまとい 淀んだ空に沈んで
響く声はただ 遠く
風の吹き溜まり いびつに枯れる森に

The sky presses on my loneliness like muddy sediment
Your voice is so far away
The wind dies down in this cursed, dying forest
I see my lonely self in the wellspring here


Powerful are the strands of admonition
that bind my fiber to the Earth

辿って還る 刻んだ逆さまの時

I wind back the clock to return to the hells of yore
I clutched my body covered in bite marks
Faint traces of all I’ve lost remain,
and I follow their faint color,
but never find anything

光無い月が暴いた 深淵の影
うつろう眠り 静かに繰り返す夢
遺された傷口 痛み抱えたまま

The shadows of the abyss emerge from the lightless moon
In my shifting sleep the dreams quietly repeat
Fragments of my memory seep into them
I bear my pain and the wounds left on my body,
and night falls again


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