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Kimi wa Susumu

August 28, 2014

Yukikaze. Man, I feel like the pathos is oozing from my screen.

帝國交響楽団  (茶太) – 君は進む

君の手を取り 共に理想を見たひとは

The friends who held your hand and shared your ideals
now rest at the bottom of the sea

揺れる水面に 仲間の背を見出して
追いかけて 声の限り叫び 震えていた

You shook with sadness and screamed
when you saw them rolling under the waves

「この航路の軌跡に 何が残るの?」

“What will be left in my wake?”

幻聴が聞こえて 何度も振り返る
俯く君は 今にも折れそうだよ

You think you hear their voices and turn around,
only to be disappointed and dejected again and again

理想を喪い 過去を手放してもなお
灯火を守りながら 夜明けを待っている

You had to abandon your ideals, give up on the past,
but still you shelter light within yourself and await the dawn

「この航路の未来に 何が見えるの?」

“What future will my course hold for me?”

崩れ落ちた 祖国に雪が舞う
君は進む 誰の支えも無しに 明日へ

Snow falls on your ravaged motherland
You press on, without support, towards the morn


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