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Haruka Tooki

July 31, 2014

This is the first song on a KanColle doujin album called 陽はまた昇る (The Sun Will Rise Again). It has some big names in the doujin scene on vocals, but most importantly it has a number of songs with excessively grandiose and pompous lyrics that make absolutely no attempt to hide that they are about KanColle and World War II. I think they’re hilarious, and most of them are obviously not meant seriously.

Oh, this is Akagi’s song.

帝國交響楽団 (片霧烈火) – 遥か遠き

母港離れ 旅立つ艦
誇り胸に 祖国の為

The warship leaves her home port
With pride in her she does it for her motherland

故郷を離れ 彼方の海
振り返れば 浮かぶ面影

Far away on a distant ocean,
she looks back to remember the shores of home

やがて来たる海戦 望まずとも
避けれぬ宿命と知り それでも

At last she joins the battle she did not wish for
She knows her fate cannot be avoided

海原の先に いつか着いて
錨下ろす時 夢に見て

When she puts down her anchor,
she dreams of her final resting place at the bottom

幾夜を越え 征くは遠き
果ての見えぬ 水平線

Through a million nights, victory is yet far,
and there is no end to the ocean

波濤裂いて 征くは遥か
嵐を越え 見ゆ暁

The waves break on her hull, and victory is ever far,
as she espies the dawn beyond the storm


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