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August 20, 2013

love solfege (観月あんみ) – Ricordi

零ゆる温み 置き去りし人の形見
色褪せても抱く 懸想立つ証し

The warmth of thy skin is my only memento
I embrace the proof of my love despite the ravages of time


Thou sought a plank to hold, adrift,
and sank below the waves with it

想い乱れる 重ねた貴女の痛み

The promise our future held was lost,
my love thrown into turmoil, thou into torment


With blameless tears of blood I grieve for thee,
and just as red is the light that chaineth my soul

solo il mare sa
custodisce tanti tesori persi
non ho parole non piu’ chissa’ se eri pronta
ma io cosi’ inutile ah
cosi’ piccolo di fronte alla
vita e parte di un
destino importante si
inevitabile per me di solitudine

Only the sea knows
It keeps all my lost treasures
I have no words, lost them, who knows, whether you were ready
I was so useless
So small in the face of life
and part of an important fate
I could not evade
full of loneliness

amour amour 穏やかな時 流れてゆくように
amour amour 儚い安らかな場所ならば

amour amour I wish time would pass unchangingly
amour amour Once peace and quiet are in my reach

伝う言葉 やがて紛れて

My words of love for thee pass unheard,
and what I thought I had is slain asudden

mi manchi
ti vedo lontana oramai
non ci sei qui con me e i pensieri volano
eri tutto per me
e te lo volevo dire sai
oh no
il tempo ti ha portato via da me
siamo come due
mondi limitati
solo tu lontana ma ancora
viva nei ricordi di un passato amato

I miss you
Already I see you far away
You are not here with me, and my thoughts fly away
You were everything for me
I wanted to tell you
Oh no
Time has carried you away
We are two
limited worlds
You are far but
alive in my memory


Crashing waves fill the vividness of my memory

amour amour 瞳は濡らさぬよう密やかに
amour amour 絶やさぬように祈るこの歌

amour amour I close my eyes to keep them dry
amour amour With this song I pray for the endurance of my love


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