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Kumo no Iru Numa

September 30, 2012

arcane753. (霜月はるか) – 蜘蛛の居る沼

今は昔 古き里の仇を 追い掛けて幾千里
化けた蜘蛛の主を殺め 毒に呪われた躯

A long time ago, you chased an old enemy of the village for leagues and leagues
You challenged an enormous, evil spider, and poison cursed your body

朧月に痛む手脚 見開く眼に闇模様
吐いた糸が息を止めて 倒れた命は絶える

The hazy moon shed light on the pain in your limbs and the darkness gathering in your eyes
The strands of the web suffocated you, and your end drew close

苦しみも恨みさえ断たれて 御空を仰のく
誰も訪れぬ此の沼へ 羽が迷い込みて

You looked at the sky with longing as sadness and hate left you for good
There you were in a swamp none ever wander into save you

もしも 其の想いが 哀れな未練が 君を縛るのならば
妖かしの蝶 鮮やかな袖を振る

But listen, for if your affections and sad regrets bind you to this world
then let us perish together
Oh my strange butterfly, with vibrant wear

刻は過ぎぬ 繋ぎ蝶を 憎みて追い掛けて幾千里
「何を求め 何を遺す?」問いに囚われた御魂

Time stood still and you hated the other butterfly, having come so far
“What am I looking for? What will I leave behind?” Asking such your spirit found no peace

朧月は今も照らす 静寂に転がる亡骸
腐りながら骨と化せば やがては泥に交わる

Now the hazy moon shines on corpses strewn about
They rot and turn to bones and eventually the earth swallows them

現を択るがため 届かぬ御空に刃向かう
桜の花散る 此の故郷で 独り目醒めるなら

To remain among the real, you defy the impossibly faraway sky,
when here in my hometown the cherry blossoms fall and I awaken alone

いつか 死を誘う 優しき契りが 誰の救いと信じ
蜘蛛の眼の蝶 白銀の罠を張る

I am convinced that our vows, though they bring death to us, have meaning,
and I carry a bamboo box that contains your wings
The spider saw you, my butterfly, trapped in its silver web

夜に耀く蜘蛛の網を飾る 空ろ木の名を借りて
枯れた野原に 黄昏の街に 狂おしく咲く
されど 其の想いが 哀れな未練を 嘆き続けるならば
愛おしき蝶 艶やかな羽で舞え

There you were, caught in the spider web that shines at night, as petals are
that bloom all over this ravaged plain and in the twilight of the city so maddeningly
But if your feelings are the unending grief for things undone,
then, my beloved butterfly who mourns its countless prayers,
fly with beautiful wings

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