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July 18, 2012

みとせのりこ – 紅葉

秋の夕日に 照る山紅葉
濃いも薄いも 数ある中に

The autumn leaves from the mountain, shining amid this evening,
are sometimes light and sometimes dark

松をいろどる 楓や蔦は
山のふもとの 裾模様

The colors of the maple and the ivy drown out the pines,
and the mountain is dressed as in a colorful kimono

渓の流に 散り浮く紅葉
波にゆられて 離れ寄って

The fallen autumn leaves floating down the mountain stream
are rolling on the waves, sometimes far and sometimes close

赤や黄色の 色様々に
水の上にも 織る綿

In red and yellow and many other colors
they are as woven cotton on the water

From → Mitose Noriko

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