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Fukanzen Nenshou

I’ve always wanted to translate this song. It really resonates for me with its resignation and non-emo grimness. The translations that I’ve seen elsewhere are also various shades of bad, which isn’t helped by the daunting complexity of the task. The phrasing of some lines in this song will possibly remain a WIP forever.

石川智晶 – 不完全燃焼

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I wrote a couple of waka about World of Warships, but basically every patch since I started playing made the game worse. So fuck that.

石川智晶 – Shylpeed 〜シルフィード〜

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I’m not dead!

I’ll make changes to this TL over the next days to improve the phrasing, but I needed this to motivate myself.

三澤秋 – ythm

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Taitou no Suika

bermei.inazawa / feat.霜月はるか – 泰東ノ翠霞

No idea why this uses the modern な instead of なる, and all the adjectives are modern too, so this is a bit of a hodgepodge.

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Kimi wa Susumu

Yukikaze. Man, I feel like the pathos is oozing from my screen.

帝國交響楽団  (茶太) – 君は進む

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Souya-kaikyou Fuyu Geshiki

This is Hibiki’s song. The title references Souya Strait between Hokkaido and Sakhalin, north of present-day Japan. The astute will realize which part of Hibiki’s history this is about.

帝國交響楽団  (片霧烈火、中恵光城、℃iel、憐歌) – 宗谷海峡・冬景色

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Haruka Tooki

This is the first song on a KanColle doujin album called 陽はまた昇る (The Sun Will Rise Again). It has some big names in the doujin scene on vocals, but most importantly it has a number of songs with excessively grandiose and pompous lyrics that make absolutely no attempt to hide that they are about KanColle and World War II. I think they’re hilarious, and most of them are obviously not meant seriously.

Oh, this is Akagi’s song.

帝國交響楽団 (片霧烈火) – 遥か遠き

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6th Body

BETTA FLASH – 6th body

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Raise de Aimashou

石川智晶 – 来世で会いましょう

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